PDF Converter by Readdle Recenzje App

Good App...

I would give this app a 5 star rating if you could edit and add notes right on the spot.


I use this app daily. Does what I need it ti every time.

I use this program all the time

This is super handy for converting photos and screenshots to documents and being able to save the result with a file name.

Easy App to Use

When website articles don’t agree with mainstream media, they suddenly “disappear”. So I use PDF Converter to capture Internet site articles I want to save. It saves the file names with dates, making it simple to find them again. It is an easy App to use and great research tool!


When I purchased this app over a year ago, it worked perfectly. However, it is now unable to convert articles from The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, which limits its usefulness severely for me. If you need to convert articles from these two publications, don’t buy this app. There may be other online publications or websites on which this app doesn’t work, so beware!


This is more than just a PDF app it’s Dream filter organizer that can connect folderS from the Cloud, GDrive, and Drop Box. Readdle is a great co!


Limited functionality, routinely fails. Not anywhere close to this publisher’s other apps.

Exactly what I needed!

I needed to save my device’s clipboard to a PDF and PDF Converter not only was the only app that I found that could do this. And it actually worked and produced a usable PDF file. 5-stars just for that, if nothing else. I’m still to explore it’s other features but as far as I’m concerned it already paid for itself!


Don’t ask me to write a review

Useless for Arabic language

If you convert from word to pdf in Arabic language the place of text will change so its useless

Limited use and need!

When it actually completes the conversion it seems to do ok, but most of the time it seems like it gets stuck somewhere on the sites I visit. Either it quits completely, gives me a login screen, or only converts half of the page. On occasions when it gets stuck behind a password, the Apple PDF converted works fine. It is also not clear to me why Readdle has so many different apps for converting Things to pdf. They all seem to have the same problem I described in the first paragraph. Just roll this pdf converter in to the printing app, or the pdf app, and call it good. I own copies of all the Readdle software and pdf conversion is the only one I find does not fulfill its promise.

Fast conversion, ready access - could use rotate feature

Very quick and easy to “convert to PDF” and then “go to file.” But, sometimes the file is in landscape instead of portrait, and here is no rotate feature. Then you have to export to something else and rotate it. Looks like it would be a simple feature to add and one that would be very useful.

Solid App

I have this on my iPad Pro and love it. I am not a heavy user of PDF files but when I need them this works perfectly.

PDF convert

Great. Works as advertised. 😋

Awesome program

I use this all the time!!

PDF converter

So far ... so good!!!

Does what it’s supposed to

Works well converting copied/ clipboard/ screenshots to PDF. Very handy.

It’s still just a photo

Pretty disappointed. Haven’t used this app extensively, but tried to use it today. I had photo—a screen shot that someone took of an event with event info. I thought, “Hey I have a pdf converter. I’ll save it as a pdf.” The converter just saved the image as an image and converted nothing to text that I could grab to make into an appointment. Pretty worthless really. I might as well have left it as a photo.

Works Well, When it Works

The interface is unusually well thought out, clear, good-sense. But the app has a long-standing problem: it lacks power. Approximately half the time, a failure notice comes up saying “File too large.” Needs a power boost, you guys. I wouldn’t mind paying a few bucks for a beefed up PDF app.


Works well and i love it. It helps me a lot with my digital work. Thanks Jorge

I love this app and recommend it!

This works really well. I use PDF expert and sometimes I have to convert Word docs to PDF to edit them. This is the one.

Works great.

Works great for what I need it for. I often take pictures of documents and then email them as PDFs and I have had no issues with it at all. I can access the PDFs for my email very easily too.

Reliable workhorse

Using this app for a long time for my research. Works effectively, helps to collect amount of information. Works flawless with tho other apps.

Works well. Simple way to archive .pdf locally



Love how easy it is to convert multiple photos into a single PDF & rename the file. Doesn’t permit upload to my Cloud so I have to save to docs or PDF software then upload. Otherwise love this.

Great App

I use this app daily as I browse favorite topics and find articles and web pages I want to copy to read later. It works flawlessly on my iPad Pro 2017. Highly recommend it if you want to capture pages and articles for your files.

Exceptionally reliable.

I have majorly of the apps by this developer. And all exceptionally reliable, I consistently use, and for a couple years now. Good job guys. You have outstanding knowledge and focus on what essentially matters for customers. Now, can you please stop so actively asking for feedback? I promise I will speak up if something is not right.

Great App

Great app....very easy to use.

Great idea but needs updating

Ok love the concept of being able to convert images, web pages, etc. to pdf, but the problem is that I feel like this app is a bit dated. For an example, it turns my images sideways for some reason, and I’m unable to select more than one item, because I want to put more images into the same pdf document, but it won’t let me. If the developer is unable to fix this, then I want a refund.

Good PDF Converter

This a is great, simple PDF converter. I use it mostly to create PDFs of web pages with long text. I like the ease of renaming the PDF. Sometimes a website's coding creates problems with conversion, which is annoying but not unexpected. I've used other web to PDF converter apps, but they were abandoned by their devs and eventually stopped working. This app is remains a reliable and useful tool.

Most used app I have

I work in real estate management and work with contracts, invoicing and ledgers constantly. I found the Readdle suite of apps and use all of them several times a week. They are perfect for my file management requirements especially the PDF converter and scanner app. Good job on these apps guys. Well done.

Great App!

All of the apps in the bundle are easy to use and can be done on the go. It has made my life much easier!

An absolute necessity that does what it says it will dodo

I operate using multiple IOS devices and an older iMac. Most of the people. whom I send data to use Windows. I can open up any 1Password protected account file on Safari, click on the export icon (the box and arrow) at the bottom of the page and attach it to an email or text message. And I can easily rename the PDF, make a copy (in Word, for example) and file it in the convenient folder on my device or in the cloud.


Best app for pdf conversion and also for any kind of important document storage.

Not all settings available

I don’t know if other cloud options exist (GDrive) and cant find out since the settings page will not scroll to see all settings. I generally love This companies apps, but to start out on that foot is just disconcerting.

Great app The best

The best

The Best!

I couldn’t live without this app. Virtually no problems with it.

Excellent App

This app is excellent at all manner of document conversion to PDF format including web pages for archival purposes. keep up the good work.

Top Notch!

This is a seriously easy and accurate converter for web pages, photos, contacts, email, spreadsheets and most anything you can select. I’ve tried a bunch of tools and I am sold on Readdle PDF products! Highly recommended.

Long time user

I’ve used Readdle products for several years, and love each one of them! (If you haven’t tried the email system, Spark, you’re in for a treat! PDF Converter is a staple for me, and with PDF Expert I can work freely, making tablet fillable forms.

Easy and Fast

I am a fifty year old man who is not tech savvy at all. PDF Converter app is so simple to use and extremely fast. Been using it for a few years now and absolutely love it.

Works seamlessly

That’s about it; can’t do much better.


I’ve been using this app for a couple of years and I think it works extremely well.

My goto converter

Love the way it converts articles on the web to pdfs.

Not perfection. Not close

This app is useless on sites requiring double authentication. It simply prints the login page instead of the document. I gave it 3 stars for printing general website or email.

Love use this a lot

I use this app a lot! It always performs and doesn’t have issues!


It’s Excellent .

PDF Converter

Excellent tool. Teach a person to fish.

My go to App

My review might be a bit biased because I use several of their products. Each one is very good at what it is intended to do. This app is no different. It is easy to use the SHARE SHEET to get access to convert emails and other documents to PDF before filing, forwarding or emailing the file. It integrates well with the DOCUMENTS5 app(which I also really like). Nothin but praise for these folks!

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