PDF Converter by Readdle Recenzje App

Great App

Works seamlessly with my other apps!


The ability to ensure graphics are properly converted is unmatched. (This is made possible by prepending ‘pdf’ to the url in the browser and scrolling screen-by-screen thru the doc in PDFComverter.) Wonderful!

Excelente aplicación

Gracias por esta App ha sido de mucha utilidad para mi.


La uso a diario 100%

Great App!

This is my “Goto” App for transferring data from the internet to my file structure app on IOS devices.

Converts photos too

This is an awesome program, can convert web pages to PDFs and also photos from photo album. I use it regularly. All Readdle products are top quality!

Use it everyday

Flawless. Even allows for editing (blurring).

Only works about 1 in 3 times for PDF conversion

Vast majority of webpages seem to be incompatible with this PDF conversion process . You just end up with a blank file. Success rate is only something like 1 in 3 cases.

Excellent Effective App

PDF Converter works seamlessly with the other Readdle family of apps and allows handling, editing and transferring text files in a myriad of ways. PDF Converter and it’s sister apps I use on a daily basis to be productive. Bravo Readdle.

Readdle Rocks & Rules

Seriously, everything this company produces is outstanding. I've purchased them all, so I know.

Disappointed in what is usually Readdle’s high quality

I frequently need to convert articles to PDF and bought this to do so. It worked briefly, but now commonly comes back with a message that the file is too big (on not large files) and to open in the app. When the app is opened a message is returned to ask the developer to upgrade for compatibility with iOS 11.

Great utility, converts web pages to paginated PDFs

My mainstay for PDFs is Goodreader. But for conversions I find this app essential. It does two things quickly and with no fuss that to my knowledge no other app does as well (but see below): 1. It converts images to pdfs (so that, among other things, you can incorporate them into presentations. 2. It converts web pages (of the print sort — like Quartz, Medium, and many blogs) into nicely paginated pdfs. The convert to pdf feature in Safari doesn’t — what you get is an enormously long unwieldy one-page document. I’d be ecstatic if PDF Converter could convert these into something better, but from now on I’ll be sending web pages to PDF Converter. NB. There are other apps that are supposed to convert web pages to html (search on “print to pdf”). But the ones I looked at use a subscription model for payment (admittedly with one of them you also get a VPN for your money). For me that’s an automatic dealbreaker.

Basically never works

It can’t work with websites that require that you log in because it can’t hold a cookie confirming that you’re logged in. So, you often do not get any conversion. Use Readdle Documents instead. Readdle Documents is their best app: superb. Nearly all of their other apps are incomplete versions of Documents. Don’t waste your money.


If you’re looking for a pdf converter, well, this is one. You have this thing right? Like, but it’s not a pdf. You get this app... and it will turn that thing that isn’t a pdf, into one.

Now it doesn’t work

I’ve used this for a couple of years, no problems. Now, it gets half way through and just freezes.

Conversion app

This app has been very useful in converting web pages (recipes) to pdf without a problem. Very easy to use.

Great App

Will save u the cost and time of having multiple other apps when this does it all!

Very useful

Works quite well; no bugs yet in over a year of use. Easy to understand and use!


It is a great app

It just works.

Very good.

The best recipe/shopping app

I started using this when it was simply recipe clipping, and it is great at that. You can copy virtually any recipe from a web site or other app. But now you can also create meal plans and make your shopping list from the ingredients that you do not have on hand. I also share the shopping list with my husband, and we both add things to the list as we think of them, and then when one of us goes to the grocery, we buy what we both need. It’s great. I also make my own groupings of recipes according to the way i cook. It’s nice to not use someone else’s classifications.


Useful, but often hangs immediately after conversion, so it looks as if the article is blank until I close and reopen the app.

Quit asking for reviews

The pdf conversions can be a bit hit or miss on some websites, but that’s probably something that readdle can’t control

Almost what I expected

The apps does at it says, converts different formats to pdf. But for the price it costs, was expecting to merge multiple pictures and convert them to a pdf format. Only converts 1 picture no more. Hopefully on a future update.

Great App

I use this app daily as I browse favorite topics and find articles and web pages I want to copy to read later. It works flawlessly on my iPad Pro 2017. Highly recommend it if you want to capture pages and articles for your files.

No Benefit, Does NOT Preserve links

the only thing i wanted, was it to preserve web page links when converting. NOT only does it not preserve them, it removes any indicator that a link ever existed (color or underline). the native 'create pdf' option in ios 11 does at least leave a color indicator. will try to get my money back

Quick and Easy

Have no problems with converting web pages to PDF files for a quick edits and downloads on the go.

Excellent app

The app doesn’t excellent job. It works and creates a file quickly and accurately. Perfect way to keep related information together.

Works Alright for Price

This PDF converter works alright for what it is. It isn’t perfect and outright can’t make a PDF of certain things, or cuts off a PDF if it is a little long. Overall a decent app. I’ve gotten use out of it, just not the kind of use that justifies the cost of the app.

"File to Big"

This app often fails. I have three other apps that have no problem converting what this app can't convert.

A most excellent app, still could use some tweaks…

So, as an Air Force historian, I like to save news articles. They provide launching point for the 120 page histories that I write. But I like best about PDF converter is that you can convert as fast as you need to. I love the speed and the ability to convert webpages to Adobe PDF. The tweaks can come because it shuts down sometimes when you convert. Other times it doesn’t shut down. I think it should be all one way, or all the other way. Personally, I prefer it to shut down because it saves the webpage as a PDF before closes. By shutting down, it takes a step out of the whole process. I haven’t use any of the other functions because I like the primary function of this Application which is to convert everything to PDF. That is what it’s all about, and PDF converter does it well.

PDF Converter

Works very well converting documents like web pages to pdf documents and does this job better than iOS’ built-in converter.

Little buggy

It does a good job converting word documents. Big problem is even with current iOS and newest hardware, PDFs from web pages are hard to review. The app often crashes when you open a saved pdf. Also it won’t let me use the “open in” feature to move the pdf out of the program. The button doesn’t appear to do anything. Maybe this will get better later. Just know it isn’t bug free

Seamlessly works

Have used it for years, usually to convert a webpage into a pdf, which I then port over to PDF Expert for next steps, if I plan to work with it. I do a lot of annotating pdfs—even just highlighting with various colors— and occasionally want to edit one. Readdle takes its products seriously, does a good job of improving, usually adding capabilities, or streamlining the user interface.

Loses formatting of original

Tabs are lost when converting documents (Word, Notes). Without proper formatting, converted document is useless.

Great App

Great App

Easy, Fast, Done

It’s surprising that it will convert things on a website that would seem impossible. Very impressive.

About 2 out of 5

I give it two stars because almost two out of five times I try to use it it works, but it is a struggle to get most pages from the internet do ANYTHING but give you garbage, or just crash.

Works Great

If you have the Readdle suite of apps, which I do, this is incredibly useful. If I have photos/ scanned photos I need in PDF form. I just select and 1 second later, viola, there is my file ready to go into PDF Expert where I can mark it up, rearrange or whatever. It works with emails, written text, webpages, clipboard, contacts and just about anything you can imagine. Personally I use Printer Pro generally for the webpages, which is also great for other PDF production. But the sole purpose of this app is to turn just about anything you can imagine into a PDF which is pretty awesome.


need chm format

Doesn’t do everything but does well its job

It’s a converter and it converts very nicely. It is not to be the one and only PDF tool but it converts just about anything to a portable document format so you can then use the tool of your choice for editing and the like.

Reliable - Have Used for Years

I have had this app for years and it has been reliable. My primary use has been to convert web pages and I like that it is so easy to do without having to open the app. If I then wish to open the document in a different app, I can do that from within the app. It can be frustrating that some web pages that have special formatting may not convert what you want to see, but I don't think that that's this app's fault but is inherent in the web page design. I also like that this has been around a while and looks to stay that way. Too many apps fail after a few years from lack of developer support. Hope they continue to enhance and improve it.

Great for Keeping Web Articles

Love it. Makes reading web articles easier, especially if you don't have time to read them right away. I'm still exploring other uses for it. I'm new at working with this app. If I have more to share, I will update my review. Thanks!


Paid for it today. Will not work, very buggy, does not make full pdf, crashes, totally broken. Will be asking for money back. I suggest you look elsewhere.

Very useful

Great app. Very useful

Exactly what I need

The Readdle suite just works for me, it's exactly what I need to effectively and efficiently manage my "paperless-work" on my iOS devices.

Nice App

I use the app a lot in work and it works like a charm. My only issue with the is that I haven’t figured out a way to do multiple pages at once. I saw the page 1/1 at the top.

excellent app

It is very useful for savingbweb pages.

Work and then doesn't work anymore

It said loading and then forever, wasted money

Way faster....

than my previous app...Love Readdle “Documents,” too.

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